Fun Ideas For Celebrating Bastille Month With Your Significant Other

Bastille Day is also commonly called French National Day. You don't have to only celebrate on July 14 to celebrate, though. You can have fun with the holiday on any day in July. The summer fun and festivities that accompany Bastille Day celebrations are meant to be savored and shared. 

With the growing popularity of Paris and all of France as an ideal vacation destination and a romantic locale where couples flock to share together, more people in the United States are celebrating Bastille Day each year. Make it a Bastille Month! Here are some fun ideas that you can join in the fun and make your significant other feel special on this special day.

Send a Subtly Themed Bouquet

You can really help your significant other get in the spirit of the holiday by sending a big, beautiful bouquet that has a subtle Bastille Day theme. For example, the colors of the French flag are red, white, and blue. In July, many florists offer bouquets with the patriotic colors, so it should be easy to order a Bastille Day bouquet for your partner.

Be sure to also send a card that has French décor such as the Eiffel Tower or simply the French flag. That will be your first clue that the bouquet is for Bastille Day, then you can mention it in the text of your card. Since the holiday is about celebrating freedom, you may want to include a few words about how you want to celebrate the freedom you two have with each other as a couple on the special holiday.

Set Up a Romantic French Evening at Home

Get a floral centerpiece for your dining table that reflects the mood of the holiday. That will set the scene for a romantic evening at home where you can serve French cuisine. If you don't enjoy spending time in the kitchen, simply order French takeout or delivery. Among the menu items that you may want to include for your romantic French feast are quiche, French onion soup, vegetarian ratatouille, or avocado tartine.

When you're done with the meal, sit back and enjoy French films. Better yet, you may enjoy movies of actors whose birthdays happen to fall on Bastille Day. Jerry Houser, who starred in films such as Slapshot and Summer of '42, was born on Bastille Day. So was Jane Lynch (of Glee fame), Antonia Kidman, and Matthew Fox.

Finally, keep in mind that your Bastille Day celebration can be anything you want it to be. There are no rules for American celebrations of the special French holiday. Visit a site like to look at flower arrangement options that can help you commemorate a special day of any kind.