Learn How To Choose The Perfect Apology Bouquet To Send After A Fight

When you get into a fight with the person that you love, it is sometimes best to be the bigger person and be willing to apologize so that the fight does not continue for days on end. A great way to apologize to someone is to have flowers sent to them with a card that says you are sorry for what happened between the two of you. The following guide walks you through a few tips for choosing the best apology bouquet you can send after a fight.

Consider the Culture of the Person

When you are choosing the flowers that you want to send to your loved one, you need to consider their heritage. For example, in some cultures you only send even numbers of flowers to someone when they are in mourning, where as an odd number of flowers is seen as a sign of endearment.

Consider What the Color Flower You Choose Means

For many people, the color of the flowers that are sent to them says a lot about how the person feels. Red flowers typically elude to passion and love. Yellow flowers are typically sent to friends rather than lovers. White flowers are sent to an acquaintance or relative. Take the time to ask the florist what the color of the flowers you plan to send commonly mean.

Consider How Large You Want the Bouquet to Be

When you are choosing the bouquet, you want to have delivered, you need to choose how large you want it to be. Take the time to consider how many flowers you want in it and if you want multiples of a single type of flower or if you want the bouquet to contain numerous types of flowers.

Consider When You Want the Flowers Delivered

You need to determine when you want the flowers to be delivered so that the florist can make the proper arrangements to have the flowers delivered as close to that time as possible. Be sure that the person who will be receiving them will be present at the delivery location at that time if at all possible.

When you contact the florist, you will need to provide him or her with this information. You can often order the bouquet over the phone and have it delivered the same day, for an additional fee. If the flowers get you out of the dog house, they are worth paying for in the end.