3 Tips For Selecting The Best Flowers For Your Wedding

Many couples deciding to plan a wed choose to incorporate flowers into their overall wedding design. While flowers can play a critical role in helping to soften a reception or ceremony site, these flowers can quickly become a hassle without proper planning.

Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure your floral experience is a positive one as you select flowers for your upcoming wedding.

1. Trust your florist's interpretation.

Thanks to the accessibility of wedding planning sites on the Internet, couples have access to more resources than ever before when it comes to gathering inspiration for their wedding decor.

If you have located some photographs online of floral arrangements that you like, it's important that you are prepared to trust your florist's interpretation of these photographs when ordering arrangements for your wedding.

It can be nearly impossible to replicate an exact design, but your florist will be able to utilize the photographs you have gathered to get a sense of your style in order to create unique arrangements that will complement your wedding decor.

2. Keep your venue in mind when selecting flowers.

Another important consideration that must be made when investing in floral arrangements for your wedding is the style and color palette of the venue you have selected. If your venue features bold colors, you will want floral arrangements that complement these colors to avoid creating a muddled palette for your wedding.

You will also want to avoid placing modern arrangements in a traditional venue space, as the clash in styles could cause your floral arrangements to become an eyesore.

3. Stick to flowers that are in season.

Although you may have a favorite type of flower that you want to incorporate into your wedding arrangements, it's important that you are willing to be flexible when it comes to the types of blooms used for your wedding.

Limiting your floral options to flowers that are in season ensures there will be an abundant supply of blooms for your florist to choose from. This helps your florist not only create full and beautiful arrangements to complement your wedding decor, but it helps to keep the cost of your floral arrangements as low as possible.

Investing in flowers for your wedding can be tricky. Be sure that you are willing to trust your florist's judgment, that you select colors that won't clash with your venue, and that you use flowers that are in season to keep costs low.

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