Are You Decorating An Indoor Patio With A Garden Theme?

Have you moved to a home that already has an enclosed patio, or are you enclosing the outdoor patio in your present home? Either way, if you have decided to incorporate a garden theme into the enclosed patio, here are some ideas that might help you to design a unique and attractive room.

The Furniture - Since you want to bring an outdoor garden feeling right into your enclosed patio, consider things you would find in your front and back yards. For example, white wicker furniture would be great, as would wrought-iron furniture. For a more rustic look, consider buying wooden furniture. And, choose something from your garden as inspiration for the furniture upholstery fabric. For example, consider choosing a fabric that has things like flowers, ferns, butterflies, and dragonflies as part of the design. Consider buying rocking chairs, too. For added drama, think of hanging a hammock from the ceiling. Think of selecting a floor-to-ceiling shelf that can be used to display collectibles.

The Accents - Again, since you are decorating your indoor patio with a garden theme, think of incorporating outdoor items into the room. For example, have you seen glass spheres that contain plants and are hung from the ceiling? Talk about dramatic! Consider buying hanging glass spheres of different sizes, and hang them in strategic places in the enclosed patio, making sure that nobody will hit them accidentally. Choose real plants to create your hanging terrarium, or select faux plants. One idea is to mix different succulents with plants that will gently glide from the hole in the glass spheres. Think of hanging decorative bird houses, too.

Extra Touches - As you continue decorating the enclosed patio, think of shopping at places like antique stores for one-of-a-kind decor. For example, you might be lucky enough to find a gorgeous, large bird house that you can use to hold real birds like parakeets or that you can use to fill with things like shells and real plants. Another idea is to shop at stores where you can find wonderful pots of different sizes and designs. Fill the pots with indoor plants and place them around the room. As you shop at your local nursery, consider asking a clerk to help you find plants that will thrive indoors. If you don't have a green thumb, you could even choose artificial plants. It's more than likely that nobody will even notice.