3 Tips For Selecting The Best Flowers For Your Wedding

Many couples deciding to plan a wed choose to incorporate flowers into their overall wedding design. While flowers can play a critical role in helping to soften a reception or ceremony site, these flowers can quickly become a hassle without proper planning. Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure your floral experience is a positive one as you select flowers for your upcoming wedding. 1. Trust your florist's interpretation. [Read More]

Learn How To Choose The Perfect Apology Bouquet To Send After A Fight

When you get into a fight with the person that you love, it is sometimes best to be the bigger person and be willing to apologize so that the fight does not continue for days on end. A great way to apologize to someone is to have flowers sent to them with a card that says you are sorry for what happened between the two of you. The following guide walks you through a few tips for choosing the best apology bouquet you can send after a fight. [Read More]

Fun Ideas For Celebrating Bastille Month With Your Significant Other

Bastille Day is also commonly called French National Day. You don't have to only celebrate on July 14 to celebrate, though. You can have fun with the holiday on any day in July. The summer fun and festivities that accompany Bastille Day celebrations are meant to be savored and shared.  With the growing popularity of Paris and all of France as an ideal vacation destination and a romantic locale where couples flock to share together, more people in the United States are celebrating Bastille Day each year. [Read More]